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These are the classes we offer specified by day of the week! You will know the prices, times, and age range for each class. We go by 4 week sessions, meaning you pay for 4 classes total in one session.


For example: If you choose a class on Tuesday, you will come to that class 4 times on every Tuesday of the dates outlined in our monthly calendar (at the bottom of this page). We provide exact dates for our 4 week sessions and if you start late, that's no problem at all because we will pro-rate your tuition! 


We also offer a 10% increasing discount for every sibling that is enrolled. For example 1 student is full price, but your second child would be 10% off...your 3rd child another 10%....and so on! (your 10th child is free! ^_0). 

We make it easy for you to move on if need be as well. There is no contract forcing you to stay at our gym, we only want to have those that are happy to be with us! We support those just trying us out (first class is a free trial!) but also offer competition team options for those wanting more! We look forward to meeting your specific needs and are happy to assist in your journey. Tuition is always due on the 1st of the month (regardless of session monthly calendar start date). Please click our "contact" tab or call us if you have any questions you need answered and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you!

Ok, but now what do I do?

Have you found a class and day of the week that works best for you? If so great! Next step is to head over to our "ENROLL" button and fill out our pre-registration form (per student). There is no contract or financial obligation until after we have confirmed your submission in person or over the phone! (We contact you via the information you provide after you submit).


Below are the exact dates for each 4 week session "Monthly Calendar". You will notice that some calendars have dates that bleed into other months: this is because we account for holiday breaks, and only display the 4 exact days you are paying for in a given 4 weeks session.


Tuition is always due either upon first registration (pro-rated if starting in the middle of a session) and then continuously at the beginning of every month on the 1st (regardless of the session start date). If you choose to take a break from going to our gym, you simply stop coming...there is no sign out process with us (we do encourage feedback if we can improve anything upon your exit however. We strive to better ourselves and appreciate honest reviews!). 

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